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Unlike other companies you may be comparing to our site, we don't hide our contact details and are happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have, either online or over the phone as we want to make sure you are making the right decision!

The Benefits of using a Virtual Numbers...

There are numerous benefits of having a Virtual Number you for your business, they allow you to pick and choose your target demographic and make you look you look more established and therefore increase your companies profile. 

Bullet.png Call screening – It is a service that informs you what the call is for before the customer is connected to you.
Bullet.png Route all calls to one phone to make your life easier.
Bullet.png Voicemail are emailed to you.
Bullet.png Cost effective method of achieving out of area presence.
Bullet.png Disguise the geographic location of your business.
Bullet.png Target specific market areas with local numbers based throughout the UK.
Bullet.png Monitor where your business calls are coming from.
Bullet.png Track the amount of calls you are receiving.
Bullet.png Cheap call rates with customers only paying the standard UK call rate.
Bullet.png If you ever move you can take your number with you – number for life!!!
Bullet.png Add call features on to your virtual numbers, including call divert, virtual switchboard with music on hold, call queuing and many more....

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