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fax-to-email-large.jpgFax to Email is a service that converts faxes that you receive to a PDF document and automatically sends them to your email address. It is a  service which does not require you to have a Fax Machine or do a Telecom Contract for a special Fax number. All you will need is an email address.

The process to receive faxes by email is simple:

 1.png The person sends you a fax to a fax number we provide you
no2.png Our server recognises that the fax is for you
3.png The fax is converted into a PDF document and emailed to you
4.png You open the email and read the fax


Bullet.png You do not need a fax machine to receive faxes anymore
Bullet.png The email address that you have faxes sent to can be changed free of charge
Bullet.png You can forward faxes received by email to other email addresses
Bullet.png Fax to email cuts down on paper usage which is good for the environment

Order your fax to email service here and start receiving faxes to your email address now!

  Fax To Email
Setup £10
Monthly Rental £5
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If you have any questions about our fax to email service please feel free to call us on 0207 101 4055.