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You will have a personalised voicemail for your business number. The caller will only hear the business voicemail message that you prerecord with our system. They will NEVER hear your private voicemail message of the phone number our service is linked to.

Voicemail to Email Voicemail-email.jpgThis feature is a personalised business voicemail box that comes free with all our services.

Every mailbox can have its own personalised voicemail greeting and then have the message emailed to any address which is identified. By having this feature customers will never hear you private voicemail.

Voice mail to email converts your voicemail to audio files and emails them to your computer. You get a permanent record of the message on your computer, that you can access from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to your emails.

Wherever you are, you always know when a customer has called and you can collect voice messages from anywhere.

This feature comes standard with all our services !